Our Cultural Values

Adventurous but Responsible

Working in one of e-commerce’s fastest-growing categories, travel, pushes us to continuously challenge the status quo. That is why every Birdie knows it is their responsibility to uncover hidden paths to that next great idea. So, we’re bold and get out of our comfort zone. We experiment, test and improve. We build an environment where you can fail gracefully as it offers opportunities to grow and learn. We get resourceful to ensure we deliver results and finish what we start. And if we need help? We ask for it.

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Passionate but Practical

Bringing our passion to work, we dream big, aim high, inspire others and we never lose sight of our goals. We balance our big thinking with informed decision-making. Channeling our creativity through data and research and a healthy dose of common sense. In our communication, we are concise and aim to make the complex simple by using fact-based arguments. Because we know an idea is only as good as its execution.

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Candid but Compassionate

As travel fanatics, we feel connected to our mission to inspire curious people to explore the world. From building a flawless booking experience to sending a postcard to the honeymooners in Marrakech, we listen, communicate openly and set clear expectations. As we do for our travellers, we care for each other. That is why we are candid. We speak up and share both our successes and our f-ups. That is how we grow and learn together, by challenging directly but caring personally.

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